A-Line Shapes Are Always in Fashion

A-line fashion was first created by French designer Christian Dior, the main characteristics of this type of garment is a narrow shoulder, emphasised waist and a flowing wide skirt, hence the 'A'. The A-line style is flattering as it sits snugly at the waist, caresses the hips and it is not too clingy …. come on admit it ladies sometimes it feels like this is the only shape that you want to wear! Not only this but it's a timeless style that is revered by top catwalk designers all the way to the high street. The A-line skirt was first made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy, who adopted the style in the 1960's due to its simplicity and elegance. So why do we love it so much?

A-line styles are perfect for rounder women or when you're having a plump day. It's great if you have wider hips, as it does not reveal the parts of the body that are bigger, so fabulous for the pear shaped ladies. If you are a very curvy women then opt for dresses with an empire waist, located below the breast which is also the perfect option for women who are pregnant as it's free-flowing and non-restrictive. What else …. Well A-Lines are so feminine because they highlight the waist perfectly, they are casual enough to wear on weekends and for more informal offices.

Not only fantastic for strolling around town they are perfect for traveling on busy public transport and great for cycling as you feel free and are able to pedal faster and easier, which is superb for shifting those pounds so you can have a rest from you're A-line designs too !!

Most fabrics can be used to form an A-line garment, although heavier garments tend to drape differently. Lightweight cotton, silk are suitable for warmer weathers and give a nice dainty silhouette. Another great option is eco-jersey fabric, its slightly sporty and is great for hot sunny days. Remember the A-line shape is not recommended for really petite ladies as it can sometimes swamp the figure and look a tad drab … so stick to body-con … lucky you !!

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