Designer Toddler Clothes – Trends and Waves

Over the years, the fashion industry has expanded and evolved dramatically. Styles and trends, one wave after another. In fact, many of the designers decided to go on a "minuscule" expansion of their fashion empire. Designer Toddler Clothes (or you could also say children or kidswear) is getting popular over the years. More and more designers have joined in the venture into creating luxurious pieces of tiny outfits for these little progenies.

You would really wish you're a kid again, I swear.

These tiny outfits are like adults' fashion inoculated into kids wear and shrunk in sizes, so irresistibly cute! Kids wear is no longer only cute and practical, they are now fashionable too! Today's fashionable parents see their kids as extensions of themselves. From the top to the bottom of their tippy toes, parents just so crazy about dressing their kids up in designer labels and high end fashion kids wear. No wonders designers are tapping into this field of clothing industry

"Kids are so lucky nowadays, especially in this generation …" I do agree with this common statement. Be it entertainment or apparels, the generation now are totally reaping the sows of the older generation's labor. Sometimes people question, "Is it necessary to drape your kids in such luxurious clothing when they are still in the crib? They don't even know how to spell the word 'fashion'!"

What I believe in is, in the fashion industry, there is no "why" in designing clothes, but only "how" you're going to go about designing new and fresh ideas that intrigues people and creating new waves. I believe many designers love to see their creations worn by those adorable little tots, walking down the runway and be proud of them, that is why there is this uproar of kids fashion ever since the times around 2005. Some of them are mothers and have children on their own that sparked off their interested in designing clothes exclusively for their little one. In the end, they decided to share the love with the society, introducing new collections to the kidswear, expanding the industry.

A relevant example would be celebrity designer Stella McCartney, who recently announced her collaboration with GAPkids and BabyGAP in the press. For years, she always wanted to reel in a line of kids collection and set her threads on the miniature designs for the little ones. She believe that kids wear can be fashionable and affordable too. Amidst the economy crisis, how lucky are the little ones to have designers sparring a thought for the pockets of their parents while they make purchases of the adorable designer toddler clothes for them?

When it comes to "designer labels" we could easily name some well-known brands such as Baby Dior for their adorable collection of cotton wear with signature bear logo; Burberry with their lovely checkered prints; Ralph Lauren Kids with their elegant polo dresses and there is an endless list if I were to name all of them. Designer Toddler Clothes ranges from luxurious brands such as Chloe, Baby Dior, Dolce & Gabanna to mid range like GANT, Levi's and Juicy Couture. Not only that, there are also specific celebrities' designer collection such as Jessica Simpson kids and our most anticipating Stella McCartney's collection launching in November 2009.

Draping oneself in designer labels may already seem to be living off a hedonistic lifestyle, let alone generating extra revenue for the designer toddler clothing industry from our pockets. However, it is our demand that keeps the fashion industry going and adding colors to our lifestyle. We adults live off so lavishly, why not let our little ones enjoy it too? I believe that these little ones also deserved to snuggle in the designer pieces.

Comfort is the most important factor for toddler clothes as their soft skin is so fragile to any materials. That is why some designers also join in the "go-green" campaign (using organic materials), saving the earth and giving the best comfort for the little ones. A well-known brand would be Babysoy, 1st company in the world to create baby's newborn wardrobe using soybean protein fiber. Babysoy's product are all made from renewable natural resources such as the leftover pulp from tofu, soy milk and other soy products. These teeny outfits are pre-shrunk, machine-washable and adjustable. Friendly to busy mothers who don't have time to hand wash their baby's clothes and loving to the toddlers' skin, cradling them in the best comfort like their mother's arms. Furthermore, these little garments are pesticide-free, hypo allergenic as well as incredibly soft and breathable, great for their delicate skin.

Evidently, designer toddler clothing industry is blooming and more designers are getting into action, designing the most stylish mini-garments. These garbs can be found in boutiques, tucked in quaint parts of the city or even online. There are also many different styles you can choose to dress the little ones up. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. You can get different looks for any season, occasion and a wide variety of appealing colors and designs. There is a perfect outfit for any kid in the store! Not only that, they also have special gift packages that are wrapped up in pretty gift boxes (usually only available online). Your toddlers deserve the best, start shopping for them now!

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