Fashion Leads the Way for More Belly Button Rings

Clothing fashions will continue to drive the demand for belly button rings. As women have burned their bras and bared their bellies, they can now enjoy the type of body jewelry that will enhance the exposed areas of their skin. No longer confined to belly dancers or travelling gypsies, belly button rings have come into the mainstream partially because of popular clothing designs that truly enhance a woman’s body.

Just consider the changing fashion trends throughout the ages. Imagine trying to wear rings on your belly underneath a tight fitting corset and hoop skirt ensemble, popular in the Victorian era. As the clothes became a little looser, and much more comfortable, the door began to open up to various types of body jewelry. However, in many cases the exposure of a woman’s skin was still frowned upon.

With the 1920’s we had the emergence of Flappers and a little more flair in the clothing choices for women. In the 50’s we had many conservative styles – think “Leave it to Beaver”. And then came the 1960’s, free love, Woodstock, and a celebration of the body.

The fashion industry has been a companion to every era and every style trend. Sometimes leading the trend, and sometimes accommodating the new spirit in an expression of what it means to be a woman. In today’s terms that new spirit includes a bold expression and celebration of women in the 21st century. Our opportunities are abundant and our ability to express who we are through body art, body jewelry and belly button rings is readily accepted by a larger group of the general population.

Fashion trends happily expose the woman’s midriff which accommodates the desire for belly button rings which complement what women wear. From classy, to trashy, to silly, to just plain fun, fashion body jewelry is a natural partner to fashion, flair, and individuality.

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