Fashion Trends – Designer Non Prescription Glasses

The Designer product is all around us nowadays, with every accessory from dog leads to luggage available with that status symbol stamp of pedigree. In our recession hit times however, the Designer logo on non prescription glasses is fading into the background a little, with people looking for less ostentatious displays of their wealth and good taste.

In the Eighties and Nineties designers were keen to splash their names across frames with every ounce of sparkle and dazzle they could muster. Logos were big, bold and totally in your face, shrieking their branding for all to see. Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Bulgari all loved the big and bold exclamation of their name. Remember the ever present Burberry check or Louis Vuitton initial splattered patterns? These have now been replaced with much more subtle indications of heritage.

Some manufacturers have gone for subtle, hand-written-font logos – Gucci do a beautiful and very elegant swept version of their name. Some now engrave and etch their name rather than sticking them in bold stand-out lettering on their goods. Giorgio Armani has always gone for very understated and subtle engravings on their specs.

Of course if you still love a logo, there will always be the likes of Marc Jacobs, who stamp their name across frames which are very discreet but unmistakably Marc. With the demise of the detail strewn it bag and even Birkins available without a waiting list now, subtlety in all accessories is clearly becoming cool. Some Designers stick to using their signature pattern or logo on the inside of the frame, a chic and understated way of letting the buyer know they’ve chosen quality goods without advertising the fact to the world.

Whatever the size of the logo, don’t dismiss these non prescription glasses and think you’re only paying for the name. Hugo Boss or Christian Dior would never put their name to anything if they didn’t think the quality lived up to their stringent standards. You’re paying for top quality materials, luxury details, and the very best the world can offer in design. Can you put a price or a name on style?

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