Franklin & Marshall – Vintage 1970’s Lifestyle

As always, we anticipate with great excitement the seasonal collections of our favorite clothing lines. Franklin & Marshall remains one of those lines that we look for to define the season’s casual look. It’s about far more than tees, sweats and jumpers; it’s about bold risk taking and focusing one’s talent on a specific element. Of course, the Franklin & Marshall element is the vintage 1970s lifestyle. Each Franklin & Marshall release embodies the unique lifestyle that highlights talented design efforts, comfort and quality that’s unmatchable. Never boring; never predictable, the only sure thing about this clothing line is it’s always a hit among its many fans.

Taking chances on flair and new directions, loyal followers of Franklin & Marshall are looking for bright color combinations and patterns that match their vibrant personalities. And we’re never disappointed. Even the Franklin & Marshall name has its roots steeped in the rich American collegiate sector, where its inspiration is drawn.

Those classic clothing garments that take us back to our own college days, each reminding us of easier days when responsibilities weren’t even in our mindsets. They become better, like a fine wine, with time. Company founders carefully built the concept on that very symbolism. The result was Franklin & Marshall and the clothing industry has ever been the same. Fashionable distressed crew neck tees, sweats that redefine comfort and jumpers that protect us from the elements and make us look great in the process are just a few of the many styles offered via the Franklin & Marshall line.

Franklin & Marshall has become an icon in the fashion industry. Still headquartered in Verona, the innovative and dynamic company, still in its youth, continues to move forward in designing quality clothing for both men and women with a sense of ethics and pride and a commitment to only doing good for it clients, its company and the planet.

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