Looking to Get Trim Fast But Keep Falling Off the Wagon?

Has Losing Weight Always Been Difficult For You?

As a teen and throughout my 20s and 30s I've tried every diet in the book, just to get trim fast. I did it when I had events to go to and would succeed – until the event was over. Then I would go back to my old eating habits – and of course, put the weight back on.

The "I'll Start Monday" Syndrome

It never failed, but if it was Wednesday, I would say, well, I will start my diet on Monday. In the meantime, I was just giving myself permission to kill myself with food for the next 4 days! Or, if the date was the 27th, I told myself I would start on the 1st of the month. If the date was on the 4th, I'd say I'll start on the 15th. Do you see where I'm going here? My problem was not that I wanted to get trim fast, but that I was only looking for a quick fix for an upcoming event instead of looking for a lifestyle change that would put an end to the "I'll start Monday" syndrome.

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Change

It's possible to get trim fast and make your diet a positive, healthy lifestyle change. Imagine if you could stop fretting over calories, stop worrying about losing a pound or gaining it all back? Imagine getting off the diet roller coaster ride for good? It's possible when you set out to make a dietary lifestyle change.

Reading Labels and Grocery Shopping

Good eating habits start in the grocery store. If you want to get trim fast and incorporate a healthy dietary lifestyle change, you must be willing to start grocery shopping once a week – when you are not ravenously hungry. By preparing your grocery shopping list and going grocery shopping on the weekend, you end up being prepared food wise for the upcoming week. Cooking and prepping over the weekend is a lot of work, but as soon as you see how convenient it becomes when you come home and are too tired to cook, you will soon see that the benefits outweigh the inconvenience of a grocery shopping trip! Always read labels. Get in the habit of spotting sugar (in its many forms eg, Maltodextrin, Dextrin, Sucralose) in the first four ingredients. Read how many servings come per package. Sugar-free and fat-free don't mean calorie-free. Learn what a portion size is.

It's Possible to Get Trim Fast

There's nothing wrong with wanting to get trim fast. In fact, it is very possible to achieve. But it is also possible to achieve getting trim fast and making a healthy dietary lifestyle change so that you don't have those occasions where you have to "get trim fast."

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