Modular Display Systems give Retailers Diverse Store Layout Options

Most retail stores in a particular brand category look the same. They use the same shelving layout, the same colors and the same materials. But every now and then there's a store that does it completely different- one that demands attention from a distance because it is so unique. These are the stores that no others can imitate, no matter how hard they try. One way to achieve that desirable uniqueness is by changing the way you display your products, with modular display systems. Modular display systems provide an abstract, elegant and unique means for showing off your products to potential customers.

Modular display systems are especially effective in brand categories that are typically displayed in an industry accepted, time-honored way. The challenge for retailers is to look beyond the way it has always been, to the way it could be.

One example of a niche industry that could benefit from a modular display system is shoe sales. For years, shoe stores have done it the same way. The boxes are all line up on shelves, and the display shoe sits atop the shelf, right at eye level. But that shows you nothing unique or special about the shoe. With a modular display system, you could attach the shoes to the lifestyle they're associated with. You could display basketballs with athletic shoes, or purses and jewelry with women's dress shoes.

It helps if retailers show customers the product in a different way than they're used seeing to. Seeing it differently in a different way enables them to think about it differently too. And that increases the chances that they will actually try on and buy from you. Suddenly your product is more desirable than the competitor's, even though they're identical.

Modular display systems can work for every type of retailer from jewelers to auto tire dealers. It just requires the creativity to look at your product differently and decide how to position it to catch the eyes of customers. Once you have identified a strategy, take advantage of it and set yourself apart from the tired homogeny of the competition.

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