Natural Skin Care Tips to Brighten Dull Complexion

Especially in today’s world, each and every person is conscious about their look and presentation. Usually women are very conscious about their dull complexion. It is said that a fair complexion increases and adds to your inner confidence.

For some women complexion is very important as they think that it will affect their career as well as it will be helpful in building their future also. Our fair complexion and good look affects our marriage also as men give preferences to a girl with a good look in addition to fair complexion. But you must not worry more about this problem as there are many natural tips to improve the complexion of the dull skin.

There are many factors which are responsible for the dullness of our skin. Some of the important factors are sunrays, pollution, chemicals and also genetic factors. You must always avoid using various artificial and cosmetic products as it will harm your skin gradually. You must always prefer to try some natural remedies as it will help you in regaining back your glow and luster naturally.

There are many effective natural beauty tips to recover from the problem of dull skin. Some of the important and effective natural beauty tips for dull complexion

1. You can apply flour of gram pulse in the morning. Application of this natural remedy will increase your complexion and even your rough skin will become soft.

2. For instant shine you can apply mashed apricot on the face.

3. Make a habit to apply fresh cow or buffalo’s milk daily as it will increase your fairness.

4. For reducing the dullness of the skin you must try to eat fiber rich diet. Make a habit to take green leafy vegetables. This remedy will retain youth and freshness.

5. Make a paste by mixing two teaspoonfuls of raw milk in one full teaspoon of gram pulse flour. Avoid washing your face with soap. Apply this paste for at least 15-20 minutes and then wash it. Try this natural remedy at least 2-3 days a week.

6. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is also effective in reducing the dullness of the skin. It is an effective natural remedy for many skin ailments and also for the problem of skin dullness.

In spite of these natural remedies, it is also necessary to do a regular morning walk, yoga or meditation. These things contribute a lot in improving your beauty and complexion.

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