Patriotism Through African Beauty

“There they are with body parts like everybody else

While they are being discriminated from the rest

A colour of their skin is always described as worse

While a continent of their origin is the best

The size of their hair is referred to as a sign of failure

When they have a leader is called a dictator

They were not meant to succeed in future

Now education has given them exposure

Now each brain of them is a liberator

Let us then stand while African rise

For us the world to give them pride

Though history is now placed aside

And their continent still being a price”

The reason why we should accept our hair and our natural looks

It’s a form of awareness to show whiteness that you appreciate your nature. It’s a revolutionary deed. Of course over time it’s becoming a trend. Shaving is problematic, remember that removing your hair is a sign of saying that it’s not making you feel comfortable and that means you do not appreciate nature as it is, and it simply symbolizes that you don’t accept your blackness as an African and you are not proud of your race.

Therefore, you are dismissing the natural you. It has psychological impact. It’s the same as our sisters who put on weave and all that. It says they want to be white.

Whether or not they see it that way is not important. So as black brothers we tend to keep our hair and bearded to show our naturalness and embrace the formal vintage dressing also has a very revolutionary message. Remember whiteness is a social construct that believes that it’s either you adapt or you perish. So vintage style says to whiteness we refuse to adapt to this current dress code. It has to do with laws of power. One of which is the law of appearance. If you appear to be backwards the system gets angry. Imagine if we were to all to wear old vintage clothes, the clothing market would be bankrupt.

Therefore, it affects the system. It also has the look of a very intellectual being. So it’s okay to be black, weak, poor and ugly. We should not worry because we are also human beings like everyone else. So let’s not remove what naturally exists because we will be acting in a manner of lack of acceptance and lack of appreciation. Let’s be proud of our blackness. Without ownership of the land and ownership of our mineral resources as well as without us governing ourselves independently that’s a description of poverty and weakness. And without accepting our blackness and be proud of being African and then put weaves and hairpieces we send a message of saying we are ugly.

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