Some Thoughts on Beauty Products and the Use of Them

Modern times have indeed presented us with lots of new perspectives and ideas about beauty. There are people who are blessed with naturally perfect skin, manageable hair, symmetrical features and other characteristics we consider today as beautiful. However, for some of us who are not lucky enough to have such looks, we turn to experts for beauty tips and advice on which beauty products to use.

Some people are apprehensive about the idea of wearing makeup, such beauty products are deemed as masks to improve appearances which has become the measuring stick of one’s worth nowadays. There is an air of vanity and artificiality when these things are discussed, and investing on facades is taken with disgust. This standpoint is most especially hard on girls and women, who are perceived to keep on trying to obtain approval and acceptance through their looks.

On the other hand, can we really say that looks don’t matter? A lot of studies on likability, mate selection and professional success have shown that physical appearances are one of the factors that are taken into account when we interact with people. It merely gives us an idea about how our perceptions are tinted by what we directly see. It is a part of human nature to judge through the senses as our brain puts people we meet into categories, which in turn, determines how we relate with them.

Now, can we blame people who are trying to enhance what they are given through beauty products and surgery? I say, to each his/her own. We are all trying to fit in, feel more confident, and be more agreeable. We have said so many times before; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the most important beholder there is – ourselves. Our self – perception is reflected in our dealings with other people, and most likely, how we see ourselves will match how they will look at us.

If it takes beauty products for you to feel good, well – groomed and more confident, then why not? Some would see it as a sign that you love yourself enough to put some effort into it. It is a matter of choosing which works for you. Putting on moisturizers at night, using facial wash to cleanse your skin, maybe a touch of makeup for special occasions, wearing different hairstyles from time to time and dressing up just to feel great are some things that can be done to uplift our spirits and boost our confidence to face the world.

Of course, like in all things in life, just don’t overdo it. When all your energy and attention is devoted solely to this one thing, of improving your looks and nothing else, then you might miss out on other things that are equally important. It is true that outward appearances matter, but let’s not forget that it is just one aspect of beauty. A good attitude, a pleasing personality, and sensitivity to other people are other components that no beauty products can address, so in the same manner, we must work hard to developing these things to be truly beautiful both inside and out.

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