The Benefits of a Flexitarian Lifestyle

Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian but cannot imagine your meals without meat?

Many people wish to follow a vegetarian lifestyle for the health benefits, but cannot imagine not eating meat. Why not become a Flexitarian?

A Flexitarian is someone who mainly follows a vegetarian diet with occasional meat consumption. It has been suggested by health authorities that 2 or 3 meat free days per week can be of great benefit to health.

Grocery stores carry a much wider range of vegetarian and natural whole foods now than ever before, so it is very easy to work this exciting way of eating into your diet without losing variety and taste.

Let’s talk a little more about the health benefits of cutting down the meat products from the diet. Some of the benefits are: –

o The likelihood of diseases and cancers are reduced.

o Blood pressure and cholesterol levels will be reduced.

o Vegetarians on average weigh about 15% less than meat eaters; you can eat to lose weight!

o By eating more plant based foods blood sugar levels will remain stable leaving you satisfied for longer and less likely to reach for the snacks.

o You will see a reduction in your grocery bill.

Although cutting some of the meat products out of the diet can be beneficial to health, it is very important to ensure that a balanced diet is being eaten. There are many other ways to get protein into your diet without eating meat every day, for example chick peas are a great source of protein and fibre and are a very versatile cooking ingredient. A chick pea salad is perfect for the summer!

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